Siswa Belajar Konsep Dan Tehnik Dalam Mempersiapkan Dan Memproduksi Sebuah Komposisi Musik Digital Untuk Live Performance Menggunakan Software dan Laptop.

Choices of Software :

Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X(Main Stage).

    Note :

    BASE do not provide computers for students but provide complete equipment on the desk of each student in the form of an audio interface (soundcard), condenser microphone, headphones, and MIDI controllers.

    It is expected that students bring their own laptops because this is a very personal gear!

      Entry Requirements :

      1. Could operating Windows or Mac OSX (create new folders, copy files, etc).
      2. Abilities of playing an instrument is not a necessity. The most important thing that you have to love music.
      3. The curriculum is prepared by assuming the student is a beginner.

        Sylabus :

        * Teori Dasar Audio : Suara, Karakteristik Suara (Amplitude, Frequency, Wavelength, Phase), Perilaku Suara di Ruangan (Echo, Reverberation, Diffusion, Leakage).

        * Teori Digital Audio : Analog vs Digital, Sample Rate, Sample Bit, Format File Digital Audio.

        * Karakteristik Hardware Audio (Frequency Response, Noise, Distortion, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Headroom, Gain-Staging).
        * Tiga Pilar Digital Music : MIDI, Sampling & Digital Audio.

        * Proses Produksi Musik : Ide, Aransemen, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering.

        * Seting Software DAW dan Pengenalan ‘User Interface’.

        * Dasar-dasar Aransemen.

        * Teknik Merekam MIDI / Virtual Instrument.

        * Pengenalan Beberapa Virtual Instrument.

        * Teknik Membuat Rhythm Track Berbasis Virtual Instrument.

        * Teknik Editing Data MIDI (Quantize, Velocity, Transpose dll).

        * Teknik Memilih Microphone & Setingnya.

        * Teknik Merekam Vokal.

        * Teknik Pitch Correction Untuk Vokal dan Instrumen Monophonic.

        * Teknik Merekam Multiple Takes (Comping Track).

        * Teknik Editing Kecil (Minor Editing) Saat Take.

        * Teknik Merekam Instrumen Lainnya.

        * Dasar-dasar Mixing & Mastering.

        * Pengenalan Fitur Software untuk Live Show.

        * Setup Hardware untuk Live Show.

        * Teknik Pemilihan Sound untuk Texture Saat Live Show.

        * Seni Menguasai Penonton dengan Live Show yang Interaktif.

          Tuition Fee :
          Tuition FeeRp.2.000.000,- / monthRp.6.000.000,-
          Duration2 months2 weeks - 1 month
          Lesson Hours8 x 120 min / monthIntensif
          Total Hours1.920 min (32 hours)1.920 min (32 hours)
          Students / Class3 - 4 persons1 - 2 persons

          Registration Fee : Rp.300.000,-
          – Excluding tuition fee.
          – Must be paid before the class starts.

          Certification Exam Fee : Rp.300.000,-
          – Excluding tuition fee.
          – Must be paid before the exam starts.